These are some of My Merkur Photos
First, I have some of the photographs that I took during my trip to Carlisle Pennsylvania for the 1999 All Fords Meet.that this will become an invaluable resource that will help us all.

Collection #1 Posted June 18th, 1999

Collection #2 (350 degrees of Merkur)

Here are some photos showing a comparison of different hood louvre options for the Merkur.  Also, some photos of the installation of hood louvers in my 1987 XR4Ti project car. 

A couple of photos of my modified taillights.  I decided to go for the all red taillights, thinking that they would add to thesilver, black, and chrome? look of my car. I used red FOLIATEC Paint.  Click here to see the results.

All of these photos were shot with my Canon EOS IX (aps system) camera shown at left (in the icon) and scanned on my UMAX 1220U.

If anyone would like copies of these photos, I will make them for you at cost.  Please e-mail me to arrange copies.  Also, I will be happy to send you a 300dpi scan of any of these images if you would like to print a copy yourself.  Photo quality paper recommended.

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