Carlisle 99
Merkur Mecca

Here are the first of my photos of Carlisle.

These photos taken during a photo op along the mile of Merkurs using my Canon EOS IX w/ 24-85mm lens
this photo loads slowly, but its worth it.
This photo was taken from atop Mr. Heck's Motorhome.  Many thanks to him, and to Roland for the planning.

may want to get a snack and come back when its done
This photo taken from ground level.

should have packed a lunch
This Photo is of a Merkur Traffic Jam.  A lot more interesting than the traffic I usually face.

I will add additional photos as they are developed.  Yet to come, the 360 degree Merkur-o-Rama.

Anyone interested in Prints of these photographs, I can get them made for $1.90 each (Walgreens price....I am looking for cheaper alternatives)  in panoramic mode.  Plus priority shipping of $3.20 for any number of photographs.  You may wish to wait until more photos are developed in case I have a nice one of your car.

Enjoy the photos,
Richard Thompson