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Its about time that I do an update to this website. My focus has changed to finally getting the ground up restoration of the projectmobile up and running. I have been working on the car more lately and therefore have not been devoting as much time to producing air water intercoolers or the Big Vam Mounts. The car that I am building is what I am calling a 2000 XR4Ti. It should have styling updates as well as mechanical enhancements that bring it up out of the '80s. I have put together some information sheets covering some of the different mods/updates that I have done.

Specs for the 2001 will include: coilover conversion of my Koni Front struts; 

Koni adjustable front struts

newer Ford Ministarter install into the XR4Ti; 

PBR front brake upgrade (using polished 2000 Mustang calipers) onto the XR4Ti; 

Crossdrilled and cadplated 11"" Ford Contour SVT front rotors

instructions for swapping driver and passenger seats; 

measuring the chamber volume of my ported dual plug head; 

My wiring diagram for installing the Euroheadlamps using relays; 

Dual Plug, distributorless ignition per Brad Anesi and Jaime Nieves; 

Ceramic coated (in and out) ported dual plug intake

Took it apart and forgot how it goes back together ? Don't know the proper name for the geetus ? 

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With the dual plug setup comes the serpentine belt drive for accessories. The original Bosch 90A alternator was replaced with a Ford 3G (third generation) 130amp Alternator. I added massive copper battery positive and ground cables from Autozone (carried over from my '85 XR.) I added relay sets to power the Euroheadlamps. These are English pieces with South American LHD glass.

The original gray cloth seats were jettisoned in favor of some nearly new grey Seats from a 2001 BMW 325. These were picked up on eBay and were NOT easy to install. Definately changes the feel of the car's interior. I replaced the headliner material and steam cleaned the carpets.

The original backglass antenna was disconnected and a Fuba style mast antenna installed just in front of the hatch. The original bi-wing spoiler was replaced with a replica Cosworth spoiler. A LED type third brake light from a VW passat was added to the rear hatch glass. This gives the rear end a more modern look. I had 1992 Pontiac Gran Prix Turbo hood louvers incroporated into my hood.

Replica Cosworth fender flares were bonded to the fenders. 16"x7" 6-spoke aluminum wheels were added along with new rubber. I am using a grille that I brought back from South America that matches the Cosworth exactly. I am using one of my front grille inserts. New Chrome bumper inserts replace the maroon bumper inserts.

The freshly rebuilt engine sports new .010" over pistons on a balanced crank. I am re-using the A237 roller cam with new hydraulic lifters and springs. The dual plug head has bigger valves installed and has ceramic heat barrier coatings thoughout. The piston crowns have the thermal barrier coating as well. The exhaust manifold has been extensively ported inside and sanded on the outside. The exhaust gas will spin a freshly rebuilt stock turbo.

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