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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about information on this website.

What if I already own an intercooler from a '87 or '88 thunderbird turbocoupe?  Can I get some kind of discount?
    I have always planned of offering a kind of core charge credit for anyone
    who has already obtained a Turbocoupe intercooler.  I am planning on
    offering a credit of $100.  This is a difficult figure to come up with since
    I bought one from a junkyard for $40 (since the guy thought that it was a
    heater core and I could explain to him what an intercooler is,) but I have
    also paid as much as $125 for one. It doesn't seem too tough to get one for
    about $100, so this is the price that I arrived at. 
Do you have any figures for the horsepower gains or inlet/outlet temps?
    No, I have been unable to get any hard numbers yet.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  I used to have an intercooler temperature in and out gauge fitted long ago, but I have lost one of the thermisters and cannot find a
    replacement for it.  (Actually almost nobody knows what a thermister is, but
    it is some kind of fast responding thermocouple, the company that made the guage is no longer in business.  It was called Auto Avionics)  I had a great chance at offering my kit to be dynotested on a mustang SVO that Jim Whelan with Motion Dynamics was going to be testing.  After coordinating with him for more than two months, I ended up going up to Ft. Worth Texas to buy a Merkur a couple of weeks ago.  This turned out to be the weekend that he finally did his dyno test and I missed his call. I plan on doing this test the next chance that I get, and I will publish any numbers, good or bad.
IS the kit complete?  What about written instructions? 
This kit is complete.  It has more than 35 pieces and includes the bolts, gaskets, hose clamps, adapters, etc... everything.  The instructions are quite detailed with some photos showing the installation of the more complicated portions of the system.
How long will it take to install?
    For someone who is familiar with hand tools, this installation  will probably be one of the easiest bolt on modifications that you will do.  The toughest part will be rotating the turbocharger housing to
    fit the intercooler. This is actually very easy.  You will loosen the
    six bolts on the compressor (cold) side of your turbo.  Then the turbo
    will rotate about 60 degrees.  You will just rotate it till the intercooler fits perfectly.  Then tighten them up.  All of the rest is no tougher than hose clamps and screws.  I will time it when I install mine, but I am betting 4 hours if you go very very slowly and carefully.
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What if I have an '89 XR4Ti?  The biggest difference will be the coolant reservoir.  My bottle is a coolant bottle for the 89 Merkur which costs me right at $60.  I will deduct $30 and provide an earlier model coolant bottle (in this case used) or I can deduct the $60 and you provide the bottle.

I saw an Eagle Vision and a BMW in the photos.  Why are you fooling around with a Merkur? If you don't know the answer to this question, then this car is not for you.

Where are you located and who are you? I am a mechanical engineer and Merkur enthusiast.  I live in Sugar Land TX and I work in the refinery/petrochem design business.

When will the systems be available and what forms of payment do you accept? I have the systems currently ready to ship. I am currently accepting orders.  At this time I do not have a credit card option available.  Please contact me by e-mail if you are interested in purchasing the AWIC system.

Will you be at Carlisle in June of 1999?  I will be at Carlisle, but I will be flying in.  Regretfully, I will not have the time to drive my Merkur and the projectmobile will not be ready by then.  However, some of the first purchasers of this system are planning on attending Carlisle, so an example should be visible at the show.

While this system is a for profit venture, rest assured that all proceeds will be plowed into the projectmobile.  Click here to see it.

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