FoliaTec Red Taillights
For my nearly completed repainting project of my merkur, I decided to modify my taillights, by making the amber part red.  I like the look of the color scheme on the Lincoln Navigator in Silver.  I really like the combination of the Silver paint, the dark tiinted windows, the huge red taillights, and the chrome.

Anyways, I ordered the red paint.  Its pretty expensive and you don't get a lot of paint for your money.  BTW, one place that I talked to said that they no longer carry the red color because they got so many complaints over it.  For around $25, I got a little can of paint that was enough to do about three taillight lenses (just the yellow part.)  I had some extra tailights, so I decided to have a go at it.

Below are the results.  I actually did three tailights, but I had a run on the first one, and I messed it up pretty badly when I tried to dab up the paint.  Results look pretty good.  My concerns are the texture is not perfectly smoothe (can says to rub with wax for a smoothe finish...which didn't work on my extra red lens) and I wonder how long it will last.  Nothing says that its not permanent, but I wonder.


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