IMON Parts Car Registry

  The IMON Parts Car Registry 
   A combination of two things I really enjoy, Merkurs and Recycling
How it works:
We all love Merkurs because they are DIFFERENT!  Finding the parts that we need can be a real challenge.  Putting up with the "Who made that car?" and the "Is that a foreign or a domestic?" can be a pain, but it can be worse when aftermarket parts are impossible to find and Ford has obsoleted it.  What I am trying to create is a registry of Merkur parts cars around the country that people are willing to sell parts from.  This is how it works:

Register your car or find a part

My Parts shop   Enter your zip code and put in ford for the make.  Then select merkur under the listing for model.  Play around with it and you can find a lot of merkurs.

                    an excellent resource if you know the hollander interchange number for the part that you are looking for.   if you don't know it, type in this part number:
887-88709  it is for a merkur steering rack.  This will get you a list of xr4ti's
889-0987  it is for a scorpio headlight assy, it will get you a list of scorpios.
(to get the hollander number, call a local auto recycler and ask what the number is)

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