Here is a mosaic composition of some of my shots from Carlisle.  I was striving for the 360 degree effect to give those who couldn't make it an idea of how cool it was to be there in the middle of all of those Merkurs.
Some notes.  These photos were taken from the middle of the 1987 model year row, with the next row being later models and the row behind you (right edge of photos) the 1985 model year cars.  I have another set that I will scan and post when I have time.

The leftmost orange tent was the IMON tent.  The right hand orange tent was the Mustang SVO tent.  The road in front of their tent marked the edge of Merkurland.  The blue car in about the center was one of my favorite cars.  From this blue car, there were two more rows of Merkurs extending into the distance.

Enjoy the photos.

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