Fitting the Turbocoupe IC to the Merkur
These are photos that I have taken of the Intercooler in my welding jig.  This is what the installation looks like and will allow for the precise positioning of the intercoolers when the last weld between the intercooler body and the inlet fitting are made.
The first photo shows the stock setup. The turbo outlet hose pipe and the dogbone hose occupy the space where the intercooler will go. The blue intercooler is my Air/Water unit. The stock TC air/air intercooler will take up a little less space.   The second photo shows the intercooler fitted in place. Note that the fitting on this prototype has not been welded on.  Also, notice that the turbo inlet elbow points down when the turbo is rotated to fit the intercooler.  The Turbo Inlet adapter restores the inlet to its original position (and has not been fitted in this photo.)
The turbo has to be rotated as shown which is done by removing the six bolts on the back of the aluminum compressor housing of the turbo.  The inlet adapter returns the turbocharger inlet to its stock orientation as shown. These parts are available on my "My Parts" page and come complete with all bolts, gaskets, etc...Click here if you want to learn more about how I made the turbo oulet adapter casting. 

You can download the full instructions for installing the Turbocoupe intercooler on the Merkur XR4Ti here.

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