The Merkur Enthusiasts Screensavers
Welcome to the home of the FREE Merkur Enthusiasts Screensaver Collection, sponsored by!  After making a request for Merkur related photos, I received a lot of beautiful photographs.  The screensaver program that I selected has many different transitions effects and is a very easy to use program. 

Because the compiled screensaver are of quite large size, I am offering several different collections of photos.

Volume No. 1  (3.88 meg.)
These are 29 of my favorite photographs.  If you must download only a minimum number of photos, this is what I consider to be some of the prettiest, best resolution images.  No offense is intended to those whose photographs were not included in this first set, but I had to make the cut somewhere.

Volume No. 2 (.XXX meg.) NOT YET AVAILABLE
This is a complete collection of civilian (not race cars) photos.

Volume No. 3 (7.946 meg)
This is the complete set to date, and includes all of the cars, engines, interiors, Merkur Advertisements, and some very nice photographs taken by Willeon Peters of the Netherlands.  Special thanks to him for allowing the use of his great photos.

Submitting Photographs for future Screen Saver collections
I welcome you to submit your photographs for inclusion in future volumes of the screen savers.  Please read on for details.

One feature of this program is that it enlarges photos to fill the screen.  Because of this, the photos must be of high quality (resolution.)  I request that submissions follow these conventions:

1.  Photos be of adequate resolution that the photos will look good when enlarged to fill the screen.
2.  The files should be named with the owners_name_model_year.JPG   for example Richard_Thompson_1987.jpg
3.  My intention is to fully respect the rights of those who have taken the photographs.  Please do not submit photographs that are "stolen", or whose owner's permission has not been sought.  I retain the e-mails of submittors and accept their word that they have secured the permission of the photographs rightful owner. 

Submissions may be made to

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Thank you,
Richard Thompson
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