Stainless 2.3L Bolt Kit
This is my stainless steel bolt set for the 2.3L ford engine. All of the hardware included is of stainless steel material and the bolts are all of a socket head cap screw design (Allen head style.)

The bolts included should provide the most visible bolts on your engine with a new look. This might help set your car apart from the others and give it a high tech, serious look.

The bolts that are included in the kit are as follows:

8 bolts with washers for the intake manifold to head
2 bolts, 2 nuts, and 4 washers for the throttle body
4 bolts, and 4 lockwashers for the water pump pulley
2 bolts for the Idle Air Conrol motor
2 bolts for the EGR valve
2 bolts, 2 washers for the fuel rail
1 bolts and 1 washer for the distibutor hold down bolt
2 bolts for the FTI module
2 bolts, for the throttle cable
4 bolts, and 4 washers for the Upper Intake Manifold to Lower
8 bolts, and 8 lockwashers for the valve cover
2 bolts for the turbocharger outlet flange

Note that anti-sieze lubricant is recommend for all stainless steel fasteners, and I include a tube of it in each kit. The price for the set including shipping is $39.00

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The photos below show the look of the bolts on my 2.3L Dual Plug intake manifold.

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