Using a Gates 18 Wheeler hose to replace the hose between the turbo and the throttle body

The photo above is not part of Jason's Post, but it does show the hose that he is talking about.  The hose in the photo is the stock hose, not his replacement hose.

Date:    Mon, 12 Jul 1999 22:36:23 -0700
From:    Jason Smith
Subject: Re: Turbo to intake hose

I offered this to the list a couple times before, but I keep getting
requests for the info, so I guess it's a little hard to find in the
archives. I have successfully used a Gates hose on 5 different XRs now with
excellent results. A couple have been in service for well over a year. The
Gates part number is 20459 and it's the lower radiator hose from a 61-68(?)
International semi tractor. 2 cuts with a Craftsman Handi Cut and I had 2
very nice turbo outlet hoses. The hose was just under $20 and they had it
in stock. There it is... Good luck,

   Jason T. Smith - Santa Barbara, CA