Some References for the Merkur World

Editor's Note:  Unless specified, I have no agreements, affiliations, or any relationships with any of these companies other than perhaps past purchases from them.  I do not stand to profit from any of these links and will not be recieving any kickbacks or any other compensation for them.  The majority of this information is based on the recomendations and advice of Merkur owners, most of whom are members of the International Merkur Owners Network (click this link to sign up).  If you find these kinds of tips valuable, you should consider joining IMON.  It is free and is a fantastic resource for Merkur enthusiaists around the world. You are not alone!

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Air Conditioning hoses (compressor suction and discharge) hoses for the XR
Here are a couple of vendors that supply mail order rebuilds on the a/c hoses and offers a longer rerouted hose that goes nearer the battery, avoiding the heat of the turbo area.  Also helpful when installing the TC intercooler.

3" downpipe   Thanks to Edward Key for this tip
available from Sacramento Mustang. (a Mustang SVO vendor).  I have also added comments sent to me by Paul Bruce, a Houston area Merkur owner who bought one.

Replacing the turbo discharge to throttle body hose with an off the shelf gates hose
Thanks to Jason Smith for this tip.

Good source for the Guibo (rubber donut in the driveshaft)
Thanks to Kif' Anglin for this tip.

Info for fitting the TC Intercooler to the Merkur Turbocharger

A good place to get a replacment radiator for the XR (Scorpio too)
I bought a BMW radiator from them.  Great prices and Quality

A suggestion for that broken Scorpio fan clutch.
Thanks to Dean Hedin for this tip.

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