Some good sources for the Guibo 

Editor's Note:  Apparently, there are several guibos that will fit the Merkurs.  A light weight one referred to as the "FIAT guibo" and a heavier one referred to as the "BMW guibo."  The BMW one is generally preferred since it is a more sturdy part.

The following is from Chris Kif' Anglin:

List Members,

It took me 30 seconds to find the Imparts phone number in the archives.  I
spent an extra minute looking around for any helpful details.  I found out
that "Larry" seemed to be the man to talk to.  I called them up (it's even an
800 number) and was on hold for about 10 seconds when (lucky me) Larry picked
up the call.  I told Larry of my IMON affiliation, and said that I had heard
that he was the "man to talk to".  He concurred.  Within 2 minutes he had my
billing/shipping address (which he requesting using proper English, I might
add; "May I ship to..."), my card number and the price INCLUDING shipping.  A
grand total of $45.25 to have that sucker at my door, with $5.25 shipping.
That's the BMW guibo for $40. 

The part isn't here yet, as I ordered less than 10 minutes ago, but with
service and quickness like what I just experience, I'll be happy if that
sucker takes 5 days to get here...

A very happy customer, soon to be satiated completely...

Chris 'Kif' Anglin
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Editor's Note:  Be sure to visit Kif Anglin's page and check out his Merkur Photo gallery.

Also Try British American Transfer for this part. 
BAT Inc.
2263 Industrial Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34234
ph. (941) 355-0005
fax (941) 355-4683

their price was $65 as of summer 1999