Stainless Taurus SHO Bolt Set
This is a complete stainless steel bolt set to dress up the engine bay on your Ford Taurus. Ever wonder why such a pretty engine came with such plain bolts ? There's nothing worse than detailing the engine and being left with rusty fasteners on your clean motor.

The kit that I am offering comes with a 64 piece fastener set in stainless steel. Bolts, flat washers, and lockwashers are all stainless steel and the button head style bolts (similar to the ones in the middle of the valve cover) can be polished to a high luster using a compound and buffing wheel (see the pic below.) The bolts included in the kit have a plain stainless finish, but I will polish the bolt heads for $10 more. The bolts are bagged and come with an instruction diagram showing their locations. The set includes bolts for the front engine bracket, the intake manifold brackets, idle air control motor, DIS module , throttle body, fuel rail hold down, cam cover, alternator bracket, and others. I do not include the intake manifold to head bolts, as these should be torqued in sequence and are not as visible as the others. I have tried to include all of the most visible fasteners on the SHO's Yamaha engine. set your engine apart from your buddies and give it an even more high tech look. Anti-sieze lubricant and diagram are included.

Note that anti-sieze lubricant is recommend for all stainless steel fasteners, and I include a tube of it in each kit. The price for the set including shipping is $36.00

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